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railway cargo

Transportation of cargo via railway is safe, quick and cheap. At the same time it is necessary to point out that if one decided to organise railway transportation of cargo on the Estonian railway on their own, it will be difficult for one to understand all rules of this large organisation of transportation – usually it takes large amount of time, nerves and effort. After all, we do not suggest to contact the Estonian Railway on one’s own terms, especially because of professionals who can deal with transportation of cargo on railway and solve the issues for you.

Interesting fact is when approaching the professionals one may not only increase, but actually lower the expenses. The reason is that railway transportation is carefully planned by specialist logisticians of a transportation company. Depending on the type of cargo you would like to transport: granular, in bulk, oversized, liquid or other cargo type, you will be provided with appropriate wagon platform, tank, etc. In addition, the wagon or spot in the wagon will be reserved beforehand by the specialists of transportation company. In most cases transportation in a container suits well, in case we are not dealing with gaseous or liquid cargo. Containers can be easily loaded and unloaded – they enable high safety level of goods transported. In addition, container is a relatively secure place of storage during times between stockpiling and process of transportation itself.

If you need transportation of goods via railway, then you would have to submit an application to a reliable transportation company. All contact with the Estonian railway is conducted by the company, so you do not have to think of how to do all the right things in order for your cargo to be delivered safely and in time. Professional transportation company undertakes the following works:

  • Reservation of place in wagons, on container platforms

  • Correct project development of  loading-unloading proceedings and the loading and unloading itself with the use of equipment needed;

  • If needed, fixing and fastening works are conducted;

  • Registration of necessary documents;

  • Freight forwarding and tracking the movement of railway transport and of the wagon with client’s cargo;

  • Mandatory and optional insurance (if desired by client).

Rail transportation of cargo, conducted with the help of professional transportation organisation, will allow you quickly and inexpensively to carry out delivery of all types of cargo.