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Freight forwarding

Cargo transportation is used everywhere and especially in countries with developed infrastructure. It is necessary to point out that our country has transportation companies that provide very professional transportation services, in addition they offer a set of additional services connected with transportation. For example, freight forwarding or expediting of cargo is an extremely important service provided by transportation companies – we will cover this theme in more detail here.

Professional freight forwarding in itself can include numerous services meant for maintenance of transported cargo. As a rule, services for cargo delivery are meant to ensure the safety of transportation and security of client’s goods. Monitoring and accompaniment of goods as well as preparation of documents – this is all falls under forwarding services. More than that, any unexpected problem that may occur on the way will be solved in the shortest time frames in case professional expeditor is present on the location. 

Expeditor is responsible for safety of goods, correctness of documents and prompt delivery. Sometimes expeditor is a driver of transport, sometimes it can be a separate employee of the company who accompanies the goods inside the transport itself. Of course professional expeditors know how to work with different types of goods, when they depart to a certain country in the world.

If you decide to order freight forwarding in a professional transportation company, you decrease risks associated with creating damage to cargo in different situations (traffic accident, natural disaster, delay of cargo in transit and so on). Please be sure that freight forwarding services can help to increase the quality and reliability of cargo transportation, no matter if it is a local or international operation.

If client is ordering freight forwarding of goods, one can receive the following:

  • Qualified control of loading and unloading of goods;

  • Control of packaging and preparation for transportation of goods;

  • Registration of documents needed for safe transportation of goods;

  • Ensuring storage of goods if such need arises;

  • Planning and organising the route together with a client;

  • Ensuring safety of transported goods;

  • Scheduled monitoring of state of goods as well as enabling the conditions required for storage of goods during the transportation;

  • Timely informing the customers about the location of their goods;

  • “Door to door” shipping;

  • Quick solution of the problems that arise along the way

  Professional freight forwarding – reliability, high speed and quality of transportation.