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Road freight

It is difficult to imagine quality and active evolvement of government infrastructure without the use of freight transportation, more precise – trucking transport. Nowadays all kinds of trucks are used that enable transportation of any kind and type of goods.

Refrigerators – it is a widely used around the world freight transport – it enables to provide conditions for transportation and storage of perishable goods. Refrigerators need to be set with appropriate temperature conditions, which is very important. Isotherms are also used for transportation of perishable goods – they enable thermal insulation and are airtight, which allows to maintain certain temperature.

Tractor units or semi-trailer trucks is a type of transportation often used for both international transportation and transportation within one country.

Tippers or dump trucks are suitable in a way that they enable not only the transportation but convenient unloading of gravel and solid bulk types of goods. Wheat, gravel, sand, coal and other goods can be successfully transported with the use of tippers.

Container carriers – a powerful type of road transport, which enables transportation of standard containers on any distance. It is important to note that container carries are used all over the world.

Tanker trucks are meant for transportation of various liquid cargoes: fuel and lubricants, milk, water and so on. Of course, if one is dealing with transportation of dangerous goods, automobiles have to be equipped in appropriate manner.

Auto transporters are meant for transportation of automobiles – they are also very powerful types of transport, they are able to carry cargo up to 20 tons in weight.

Without a doubt, trucks are the most frequently used in transportation of goods nowadays. There are a lot of companies out there that have large number of trucks and heavyweight automobiles in their vehicle fleet – they can be used in transportation of any kind of client’s goods.

Transportation logistics specialists have to choose the most appropriate heavyweight truck or automobile, develop the most suitable route and create a detailed plan for the cargo transportation, as to enable a cheap, quality and fast freight delivery for a client.

Transportation via trucking is convenient, affordable and highly reliable.