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You are lucky if you never had to deal with claims! Claim, or Reclamation is a document that is compiled by a client, if claimed services paid by him did not meet those in reality. For example, goods have been delivered with a long delay during transportation, or they were damaged or gone. On the basis of the submitted reclamation, circumstances of the situation are investigated more thoroughly, and if truth is on your side, you can receive compensation.

However not a single compensation justifies wasted time and health in process of investigation. That is why, in order to minimize negative consequences of long investigations in case of damaged goods, it is necessary to possess necessary knowledge so as to compile the reclamation correctly. We would like to share this knowledge with you.

So what is to be done if goods were damaged during transportation? First of all, it is necessary to leave notes on the CMR (International Commodity & Transportation Waybill) about the nature of such damage. For example: “Goods were delivered damaged. Two of the eight chairs had broken legs. Date: 12.02.2013. Time 09:31. Robert Frost.” Keep in mind that nature of damage of goods has to be written down before unloading of goods or at the time of unloading, but not after. It is not important where on the CMR you will leave your notes. Always have a camera with you at the time of unloading. Take photos so that it would be visible that goods were damaged. It is advisable to take photos in a way that truck and trailer numbers are visible on the photograph later. These measures will help you compile a reclamation, which will include justified reasons for a claim of compensation for damaged goods from the carrier.

Reclamation can be written in free form. In order for reclamation to be completed, it is necessary to mention amount of monetary claim, calculation of such monetary claim and reasons why you think that it is carrier’s fault that goods are damaged. Do not forget to attach the CMR to you reclamation; CMR has to include your notes from the place of unloading and photos of damaged goods.

Do not waste time after you have completed your reclamation. Send it immediately to the carrier.