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logistics services

Modern transportation companies work in conditions of heavy competition in the domestic market of transportation services, this is why they have to find new ways to attract clients. Frequently transportation of goods includes numerous additional services, so as not to burden the client with issues related to transportation of goods.

Cargo insurance

Owners of cargo have to use the insurance services in order to minimize risks related to transportation during transportation for long distances, as well because of imperfect condition of roads, unpredictable weather, danger of robbery, car crashes and other factors. Transportation companies usually cooperate with insurance service providers as not to overload a client with concerns related to official registration of insurance documents.

Cargo can be insured against any kind of risks: partial or full loss of cargo, damage or disappearance of cargo. Insurance is applicable to each step of transportation process – during loading, transportation itself, unloading, temporary storage of cargo at a storage facility. Once insurance case occurs, transportation company assesses the damage, compiles and reports necessary documents to the insurance company.

Protection of goods and their maintenance services

  Some cases of transportation of goods require accompaniment and/or protection of goods along the way – this is why numerous transportation companies offer such services. To make this happen, transportation companies secure deals with various security organisations which deal with route planning, choosing safe parking spots, organising the means for rapid communication equipment and security of transport during parking.

Freight forwarding

Forwarding of goods transported is conducted with the goal of transporting the goods in the shortest possible time period and delivering them safely and in whole. Such service consists of development of the most beneficial route for the customer, preparation of needed documentation and freight tracking. Freight forwarding saves clients’ time, sparing them from direct involvement in process of transportation as a companion. Clients have possibility of following their goods along the route via telephone communication with the expeditor.

Rent of special equipment

Rent of special equipment service provided by transportation companies is especially beneficial for customers which carry out individual or rare transportation of goods. Usually the rent of special equipment, for example of the long trucks, is accompanied by:

  • preparation of necessary documents,

  • execution of loading/unloading,

  • offer of specialists during work with the equipment,

  • planning of optimal routes.


Sometimes transportation companies carry out loading/unloading with the help of special machinery. When this happens, the shipping company, sender and receiver of goods sign the contract that includes the point which mentions provision of services for loading/unloading. Responsibility for the safety of goods during these works falls on the shipping company.

Services for registration of paperwork

  Each case of transportation of goods demands registration of wide variety of documents related to loading/unloading, insurance, payment and customs. Transportation company which carries out the transportation of goods, deals with all the procedures connected with the preparation of documents.

Allocation of goods at a storage facility

  Shipping companies possess a park of technically equipped storage sites for temporary storage of goods of the clients until the process of transportation begins. More than that, additional services include marking, packaging, re-packaging and lathing of goods.

Consolidation of modular goods

Shipping companies also provide services of compilation of modular goods, belonging to various different clients, that have to be delivered in one direction. Consolidation of goods can be carried out at the clients’ storage sites and on the territory that belongs to the transportation company. This service saves expenses of shippers, since during transportation of smaller cargo use of a separate vehicle for transportation is very unprofitable.