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Transportation of cargo

Cargo transportation is important for supporting the correct work of country’s infrastructure. We all use transportation of goods and it is especially true for those who are in business. Nowadays cargo can be transported virtually to any location around the world – with the help of the most suitable type of transportation means and sometimes with the use of several modes of transportation. Nowadays transportation of goods is conducted by railway, automobile, aircraft and maritime types of transportation. Let us take a look at advantages and features of each type of transportation.

Railway transportation is especially popular in Russia, since we have a relatively well established railway infrastructure. Railway transport can even carry heavy cargo and goods that are oversized in width and length. In addition it is economically advantageous to carry goods via railway transport.

Automobile transportation of goods is more widely used than railway transportation. This type of transportation enables movement of both small and large volumes, for example, merchandise, equipment and much more. Door to door shipping can also be enabled by automobile transportation for a client – it does not use the so-called transhipment handling – it does not have to use several modes of transport. Trucks can be easily tracked and they can be sent to the destination point at the time that is most convenient to the client. In general, automobile transportation of goods has more than enough advantages – this makes it so popular all over the world.

Aircraft transportation of goods is another option for moving cargo on long distances. In no time cargo can be transported to any point of a country, overseas or to any other continent or island. The only, and for some clients, the most important disadvantage of this type of transportation is the cost of moving heavyweight cargo. Nevertheless, transportation via aircraft transport is used and will be used all over the world.

Maritime and river carry transportation of cargo is the most effective way to transport the goods of any type. As a rule when transporting goods this way, containers are used, which is usually suitable for clients. Advantage of maritime transportation can include the affordable cost of it.

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