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Transportation of perishable goods is one of the most sought after by businesses type of services. It is extremely important to move the goods in a correct manner – certain temperature mode has to be maintained and level of humidity in the metalwork of a vehicle.

The following items fall under perishable goods:

  • Fresh plants;

  • refined products (sausages, frozen berries, etc.);

  • products of vegetable or animal origin (fish, meat, milk, vegetables, berries, fruits).

In order to transport perishable goods, one has to choose a freight carrier that has enough of relevant experience. Specialists of a transportation/logistics company have to be familiar with the rules of transportation of a certain type of product.

Fermented dairy products, juices, milk and other perishable liquid produce has to be packed in special packaging. More than that, temperature mode has to be maintained. Unloading of such cargo has to be conducted immediately. Wine, for example, can be transported in barrels or bottles.

Butter, cream, dietary fat and other so called viscous, sticky goods should be transported in a favourable climate. Temperature up to -14 °С has to be enabled in the bodywork of an automobile, so the transportation of perishable goods mentioned above could be successful.

For frozen products, for example minced meat, pre-packed food, meat blocks, it is necessary to use transportation means which has bodywork temperature between -16 °С and -25 °С. More than that, it is of course important to use special packaging material – tape, corrugated cardboard, etc.

In order to transport perishable goods that consist of cooled or chilled products, it is necessary to enable temperature mode between -3 and +13 °С. Furthermore, if we transport chilled products, then frozen produce cannot be transported in the same container.

Fruit and green produce is usually transported in temperatures between 0 and +10 °С. In addition, fruits and green produce have to be provided with constant flow of fresh air.

Bread, bakery and confectionery produce also fall under the type of perishable goods. During transportation, specialists have to enable certain temperature and create appropriate level of humidity, in order to keep the produce from becoming spoiled, stale or damaged in any other way.

Please note that transportation of perishable goods has to be conducted only by professionals.